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Here's a great idea- put together a SoftTile foam mat for your floor that pays tribute to your favorite sports team or shows your spirit for your Alma Mater. SoftTiles foam tiles come in a wide variety of colors that, when combined, create a superb looking mat that boldly states you're a fan. We all know someone whose blood bleeds something other than red in support of his or her favorite team/ school. Now wouldn't a foam mat floor like this be a great gift for that special person? Maybe you have a college student who would enjoy a dorm room floor mat in their school colors. Or create your child's play area in your college colors or to celebrate your favorite sports team. These are just a few ways your SoftTiles floor can make a fun statement. You can also get creative with how you lay it out. Check out a few ideas we've put together to get you started.

SoftTiles Foam Tiles Colors

If we don't have the color combination (or ones very close) that works for your particular school/ sports team, write us and let us know. Get a bunch of fellow team supporters/ alumni together, and if there's enough of you that want a mat, and will refer others to buy more, we'll give that some consideration should we expand our color assortment in the future.

Another thought- how about a NASCAR mat for you NASCAR fans out there? Just checkerboard the black and white, and you've got a great-looking NASCAR floor. Your kids will love it in a themed bedroom or playroom, or better yet, put it in your own work room or workshop space. If you're going to have a floor, you might as well make it fun!

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