Shipping Costs and Times

Orders ship by UPS Ground.  APO's and shipments to foreign countries can be shipped by U.S. Postal Service- please call for a quote. Expedited Shipping is available, but is EXTREMELY expensive.  Overnight shipping can easily cost more than the product itself.  Orders with back-ordered items will ship when the order is complete.


Shipping Costs Estimates

SoftTiles 2x2 Foam Mats 5/8" Thick
SoftTiles 2x2's are classified by UPS as oversize packages and are charged by their size rather than their weight.

Destination Number of Tiles Shipping Cost Transit Time
East Coast 1 to 12
$14.00-$15.00 2-3 business days
Midwest 1 to 12 $12.00-$15.00 2 business days
West Coast 1 to 12 $17.00 4 business days

For full case quantities and larger, use the following chart. A full case holds 25 SoftTiles 2x2 which is your best value for shipping.  If you go over 25, then you are into the next full box.

Destination Number of Tiles Shipping Cost Transit Time
East Coast 13 to 25 $22.00-$24.00 2-3 business days
Midwest 13 to 25 $20.00-$22.00 2 business days
West Coast 13 to 25 $26.00 4 business days


For Hawaii, Alaska, foreign countries, please contact us for a quote.


SoftTiles 2x2 1" Thick Foam Mats
Use the chart for SoftTiles 2x2 5/8" mats above.  For Number of Tiles, up to 15 of the SoftTiles 2x2 1" fit in a full case.


SoftTiles 1x1 Foam Mats
SoftTiles 1x1 Foam Mats ship by weight and is calculated by the shopping cart.  40 SoftTiles 1x1 fit in a case. Transit times are the same as SoftTiles 2x2.