Use SoftTiles Foam Mats to create cushioned flooring for Baby Playard and Baby Playpens- D108

SoftTiles used for play yard

Use SoftTiles to create a soft and comfortable flooring for your baby play yard. SoftTiles can be used directly over hardwood and can help protect your baby from falling on hard surfaces. SoftTiles will not only protect the baby, but the waterproof tiles can also help protect your floors, as spills can easily be cleaned up from the surface of the SoftTiles. Once you've outgrown the playard, you can always add tiles to convert that floor into a larger play mat. SoftTiles provide a cushioned play mat for babies and are the perfect foam mat for kids! This is just one of the many baby playroom ideas shown on our website. View the other ideas on our blog today!

Re-create this playroom floor!

This baby foam play mat covers a 4 1/2' x 4 1/2' area with borders.

16 Brown SoftTiles 1x1 Mats (could also be done with 4 SoftTiles 2x2)
8 SoftTiles Borders in Brown
4 pairs of SoftTiles Border Corners in Brown

Price: $45.60 + shipping for this baby foam play mat

If you need help customizing this floor for your space to suit your baby playroom ideas, please email us or call us at 888-477-6532 or 513-860-2711.


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