Outdoor Patio Cushioned Children's Play Mat using SoftTiles Foam Mats- D136

Outdoor Patio Cushioned Children's Play Mat using SoftTiles Foam Mats- D136

A covered brick patio is not a place you normally think about creating a children's outdoor play area. But if you have SoftTiles Interlocking Foam Mats, you can turn this area into a safe, cushioned area for your kids to play.

SoftTiles are completely waterproof and can be easily cleaned by wet mopping them or even hosing them off with a garden hose. SoftTiles foam mats work best when not in direct sunlight like this covered patio. UV rays from the sun will cause softer plastics like SoftTiles to fade and to eventually break down, shortening the life of the foam mats.

This cushioned children's play mat uses a colorful mix of SoftTiles 2x2 Foam mats with our specially designed sloped borders which help prevent tripping.

Thanks to Kristina for sending us these photos of the outdoor play mat she created!

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