SoftTiles Playroom Black, Gray, and White Circles with Orange Tiles- D157

SoftTiles Playroom Black, Gray, and White Circles with Orange Tiles- D157

A mix of Die-cut circles and Solid color mats in a combination of neutrals plus a single color is a fun way to create an attractive play area that integrates well with grown-up space. The primarily neutral color palette with the introduction of a single bright color on this baby play mat gives the space a charge of color and fun, without the full blast of rainbow colors that clearly defines the space as a kids' zone. It's a way to tone down color overload on the baby play mat, which one can easily feel once you add in the bright colors of all the various toys themselves.

There is a pattern within this mat defined by the checkerboard of orange and neutrals. The circles in the central portion of the mat is an easy way to add a fun feel to the overall mat, instead of just working with plain foam interlocking tiles.

Best of all, if you just modify the solid colors, the mat above can be shipped without the waiting time for a custom order. The circles in the above design are a single set of the 6 piece black, white, gray circle set, which are generally kept in stock and ready to ship. Just choose your solid color foam interlocking tiles to add to this design, and it is good to go.

These changes can be made by following the option below to customize this mat.

This circles mat is 8.5' x 10.5' and costs $214.60

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