Custom Safari Animals Children's Play Mat

Large Playroom floor with SoftTiles Safari Animals Red, Yellow, Orange, Lime, and Brown- D158

A pattern of diagonal lines of colored 2x2 mats are great for creating a larger playroom floor. You are able in this way to incorporate multiple colors into the floor design, while still having a sense of pattern and order. The regularly spaced Safari animals adds a nice touch of fun to the large foam mat design as well.

I love how the interlocking foam flooring draws from the colors of the couch and the decorative pillows. When a floor design is created with the color palette of the surrounding furnishings in mind, the end result is fabulous. Well done!

This large Children's Play Mat measures 14.5' x 12.5' and costs $377. Purchase this playroom floor as is or modify it for your playroom or nursery in the SoftTiles Matbuilder.

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