Create a SoftTiles Personalized Play Mat- D203

Create a SoftTiles Personalized Play Mat- D203

Play Mats!

Personalized play space

The wonderful thing about a personalized SoftTiles mat is that it creates a floor for your playroom that is all about your child, a special place for play and building early childhood memories. Personalizing the mat helps define that playspace as their own. And because the mats are custom cut, SoftTiles can work with unusual names, spellings, or names with apostrophes too! At this foundational stage of childhood, the child will have something personalized and created just for him or her- no matter how unique the name.

How Do I Get a Personalized Mat?

The simplest option is to go to the Easy Personalize section of our SoftTiles website. You can simply select a theme and color scheme that you like. Then just add the name you want, and you are done.

Customizing a mat

If you want to add more than one name to a mat, create a mat for a larger space, or customize a design, just request a design in the link below. Because we custom cut every mat, you can choose the colors, shape designs, whatever words or personalization you want, and a designer can put that together for you to see.

Let us help you!

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, there are plenty of designs you can browse through on the SoftTiles website to find the look you want, and then you can request modifications from there. SoftTiles offers the ability to modify the design yourself using the MatBuilder app, but designers are available to assist at no extra cost, to make sure this process is simple.

Once a design is ordered, a custom mat generally takes one week to produce, so you can get your customized mat quickly!

Request a design

Let us do the work! We know you're busy!

Our designers can create a design for you at no extra charge! Let us know the shapes, colors, size of the mat, and any names and we will create a design and email it to you. No obligation!


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