Circle 8 Piece Set


SoftTiles Circle Sets without borders, 2 of each color. Each interlocking play mat is 2' x 2', 5/8" thick.

SoftTiles Die-Cut Circles add a modern design flair to your mat, whether you are going for an adult or children’s look for your flooring.  An interlocking play mat done entirely with circles can amp up the fun factor of your floor, or you can mix the circle mats in with solid color mats to create some contemporary highlight features to your overall floor design.

For each Die-Cut Circle you order, you will get the background and die-cut circle in that solid color. You get to figure out how you want to mix the backgrounds and circles once the colorful play mats arrive to you.

NOTE: Interlocking plat mat is not recommended for use on top of carpet, unless the carpet is office type or berber, as plush carpet surface can be too soft and cause the circles to pop up.

These colorful play mats are available in the 3 sets below for immediate shipment. You can special order a custom combination based on any of our 12 SoftTiles colors. Please allow 1-2 weeks for custom mat production.