Carrying Bags for SoftTiles Foam Mats


We've developed two nylon bags for carrying or storing SoftTiles foam mats. The play mat carrying bag is a zippered bag with two large handles. Buy an 18 or 25 piece foam carrying case today.

SoftTiles Carrying Bag- 25 PCS can hold:

  • 25 of the SoftTiles 2x2 5/8"mats and some border pieces
  • 15 of the SoftTiles 2x2 1 Inch Mats
  • 100 of the SoftTiles 1x1 (arranged in a block of 4 tiles)

SoftTiles Carrying Bag- 18PCS can hold:

  • 18 of the SoftTiles 2x2 5/8" mats and some border pieces
  • This playmat case/bag has been designed for the FIRST and VEX Robotics field. Order two carrying bags for SoftTiles foam mats to carry an entire field (36 pieces).

TILES NOT INCLUDED. Carrying bags do not come with SoftTiles. The tiles shown are for demonstration purposes.