SoftTiles Butterfly Children's Play Mat Set with Borders Red, Yellow, Purple, Lime


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SoftTiles Butterfly Set with Borders Red, Yellow, Purple, Lime. This colorful butterfly play mat is perfect for creating a cushioned play area in playrooms and nurseries. There are no small pieces in this set- the butterflies are very large and are cut from 2 foot SoftTiles.


This play mat has sloped interlocking borders that beautifully finish off the mat and bevel the edge to prevent tripping. 

SoftTiles Foam Mats are:

DESIGNER: Give playrooms a fun modern look.
SOFT: Use on hardwood, tile, & concrete floors
SAFE:  Non-toxic. No formamides, BPA, phthalates.
HIGH QUALITY: Durable mats that are 5/8” thick


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