SoftTiles Space Theme Kids Foam Play Mat (6x6 feet) Red, Blue, Black, White, Lt. Gray


SoftTiles Space Theme Foam Play Mat Set with Borders Red, Blue, Black, White, and Light Gray is a NASA color scheme. Inspire your future astronaut with these four space theme shapes- Rocket, Planet, Astronaut, and Space Telescope.

NOTE: Due to the Shipping Container Crisis we've had to switch mat manufacturers. This mat is 1/2 inch thick and does NOT have sloped borders. This mat is not compatible with SoftTiles mats purchased before March 2022. 

HIGH QUALITY: SoftTiles are 1/2 inch thick. Thicker than cheaper mats on the market.

SOFT: Use on hardwood, tile, or concrete to create cushioned play areas.
SAFE & NON-TOXIC: Tested to EN-71 European Safety Standards. Free of formamide, formaldehyde, lead, BPA, latex, phthalates
WATERPROOF: Easy to clean and wipe up spills

This play mat is best used on hard surfaces. The pieces in this set are more likely to popup when used on carpet.