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Market your Company or Brand with SoftTiles

SoftTiles offers custom printed foam mats or water jet cut foam mats for company branding for trade show floors or corporate events. The floor is one of the largest display areas- turn it into something memorable that helps boost your company identity or sales message.

SoftTiles Peanuts Movie Custom Printed Mats

Custom Printed Foam Mats

Use custom printed floor mats to help promote your brand to customers! We have the ability to print logos and images on single tiles or across multiple connected tiles. In this example for the Peanuts movie launch party, there are individually printed character tiles, a large movie logo that spans a 6' x 8' mat, and alternating plain red and white tiles. The total area created measures 30' x 32' and transformed this large plaza into an inviting event space.

Our printing is done on a digital 4 color press, so we can produce both detailed graphics as well as very high quality photographic imagery. Color matches can be done, as needed, to get key brand colors to match as closely as possible to your needs.

We've produced logo and branded floor mats for many clients, a small sampling of which is shown below.

Water Jet Cut Mats

Water Jet cutting is an option that we offer to produce custom projects where you need greater durabiliity, as printing with time will show wear. We offer waterjet cutting for logos on single tiles as well as designs that span across multiple tiles. Waterjet cutting is more expensive than printing, but the end result is a more durable piece that especially with the larger projects, become truly one-of-a-kind. There are some limitations with waterjet cutting. You need to be able to work with our 16 colors of mats, and generally it works best with designs that are not too complex.

The floor mat shown above is a map of the New York city harbor area that was created using waterjet cutting for the Governors Island Alliance. This floor is used as a travelling special event piece for kids to learn and play on. This 30'x 30' custom floor mat consists of 225 of our SoftTiles 2x2 Lime and Blue Foam Mats that have been specially water-jet cut to create the water and land masses that define the map of the New York harbor. Because the map disassembles into 2' x 2' squares, our mats were perfect to meet their need to be able to easily move and reassemble this floor at different sites.

We've done some corporate logo work with waterjet cut as well, some examples of which are shown below.

SoftTiles-Water Jet Custom Cut Football Field

Custom Water-jet Cut Football Field

This football field play area was custom designed and water-jet cut from Green, White, and Gray SoftTiles Foam Mats. Each piece is then hand assembled and glued so that it forms 2'x2' squares.

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