Outlet Foam Mats | Discount Floor Tiles

SoftTiles Outlet Mats are perfect for creating cushioned floors for less! We inspect our mats and anything that does not meet our strict standards are sold as outlets. These are brand new 5/8" thick mats with minor surface imperfections (spotting, small pits) and color variance. Most of these imperfections are not noticeable after a few weeks of use. These foam mats are much thicker and more durable than other mats on the market.

Here is an example of an outlet mat. On many of the mats spotting can only be seen at a certain angle and are not as noticeable after a few weeks of use.

SoftTiles Outlet black mat

Use SoftTiles Outlets for all the areas that you need a cushioned floor-playrooms, home gyms, basements and more. Save even more by choosing our Random colored mats. Use these mats to create cushioned floors where color does not matter. Perfect as an anti-fatigue floor for home workshops, cushioning underneath outdoor pools, and floor coverings for basements.

If you have large spaces to cover like bounce houses, SoftTiles Outlet Foam Mats may be the perfect solution.

Shop SoftTiles Outlet Mats

Outlet 2 Foot Tiles

$4.00/Tile Random Color
$4.50/Tile Choose Color
Use SoftTiles Outlet 2x2 Mats to cover larger areas

Outlet 1 Foot Tiles

$1.00/Tile Random Color
$1.20/Tile Choose Color
SoftTiles Outlet 1x1 Mats are for smaller areas and are compatible with the Outlet 2x2 mats.


SoftTiles Outlet Borders

Outlet Borders

$.60/Border Random Colors
$1.20/Corner Pair Random Colors
SoftTiles Sloped Borders finish off the mat and provide a smooth transition to the floor.