Trade Show Flooring | Trade Show Foam Mats

Want to create a great trade show exhibit?

You need great trade show booth flooring - it’s the largest part of your trade show booth! SoftTiles’ foam trade show floor tiles are the most eye-catching, cost effective, easy to transport and easy to install tiles you’ll find.

First things first: Do I really need to bring flooring for my booth?

Yes, you need to bring your own floor! You can sometimes rent carpets from an exhibit hall, but it’s far more expensive than bringing your own trade show flooring. Generic carpets don’t help your amazing products and brands stand out - and when you’re at a trade show, you’re fighting for attention. Custom trade show flooring helps get you noticed, and getting noticed means more potential customers, right? Isn’t that the whole reason you’re going to a trade show in the first place?

Custom printed exhibition flooring that shows off your company’s logo or matches your brand’s color scheme, to make your booth more eye popping, is easier than it sounds. SoftTiles is here to help you out.

Soft Portable Trade Show Flooring

SoftTiles Foam Mats Trade Show Flooring Benefits

Comfortable- Puzzle floor mat is made of a dense EVA foam, easy on your feet for hours of standing. It's anti-fatigue for your feet!
Portable- Puzzle floor mat is lightweight and easy to ship. Each case of 25 weighs only 36 pounds.
Easy to Use- Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. You can assemble a 10x10 in less than 15 minutes.
Cost Effective- Save over expensive carpet rentals!
Modular- Area can easily be expanded as your booth grows.

SoftTiles Custom Printed/Waterjet Mats

Extend your branding to your trade show floor. The floor is the largest part of your booth. Use it to your advantage and promote your message! We have the capability of printing photographic quality on our special foam mat.

SoftTiles Wood Foam Mats

Soft foam mats with the look of wood. Gives a sophisticated look without the heavy weight. This floor is made of interlocking squares with a wood like printed surface.

SoftTiles Foam Mats

Our most economical flooring. Soft and cushioned. This flooring will help keep your feet from aching after a long trade show day. SoftTiles are 2 foot x 2 foot mats and are available in 16 different colors.

It is important to understand that trade show display flooring comes in several different types - foam, rubber, plastic/pvc or carpet. SoftTiles focuses on foam trade show flooring because it excels in so many categories.

  1. Foam trade show flooring is the most lightweight trade show flooring. Portable trade show flooring often needs to be moved several times a week - weight matters. A case of 25 SoftTiles foam floor tiles weighs only 36 pounds
  2. Foam booth flooring is the fastest and easiest to install trade show flooring. You can assemble a 10 x 10 foam portable trade show floor in less than 15 minutes. Our interlocking puzzle floor mat format makes for easy and safe assembly. Spend less time assembling your booth and more time with customers!
  3. Soft foam trade show flooring is the most comfortable trade show flooring material. SoftTiles mats are, well, SOFT. They made of dense EVA foam that’s durable but easy on your feet -- and you’re going to spend a lot of hours on your feet at a trade show. Our customers call our foam mats “anti-fatigue mats”!
  4. Foam mats make for cost effective trade show flooring - you’ll save a lot of money compared to expensive carpet rentals.

SoftTiles prides itself on having some of the best and most sophisticated custom trade show flooring in the market. We custom print your logo on the mats, cut logos and designs into the mats with with water-jets for greater durability, or we can even create photographic quality custom trade show flooring using our special high end foam mats. SoftTiles mats come in a wide range of colors and our tiles also come in faux wood trade show flooring tiles to fit whatever design you have in mind.

Design Trade Show flooring with these SoftTiles Interlocking Foam Mats

SoftTiles 5/8 Inch

Our most versatile and
popular mat. Available in 1 foot and 2 foot sizes.

SoftTiles 2x2 $6.40/Mat
SoftTiles 1x1 $1.60/Mat

SoftTiles Wood Foam

Have the cushioning of foam mats, but the look of wood!

Wood Mats $9.00/Mat

SoftTiles Carrying Bag

Carry up to 25 SoftTiles 2x2 in this soft sided carrying bag.

Carrying Bag $32.50/Bag