Outlet: SoftTiles 1x1 Foam Mats FULL CASE (40 Mats) $1.20/Mat


These are new foam mats with slight manufacturing defects.  Defects could include minor color variance, spotting, small pitting, and surface imperfections. We are very particular about our first quality mats so mats like this end up in our outlet section.

Many of the defects on these outlet mats are only visible at certain angles and lighting and tend to not be noticeable as the mats get used. 

Use these mats for any place you need cheap cushioning, workshops, playrooms, home gyms and more.

Because of the way the interlocking mats are produced, single color solid floors may show some variance from tile to tile. We recommend that instead of single color floors, that checkerboard or multiple color floors are designed instead.