SoftTiles 1x1 Foam Mats


Due to the global shipping crisis, we have had to switch suppliers and we are unable to get new 1x1 mats. These 1x1 mats are all we have left and compatible with mats prior to March 2022. They are not compatible with our new 2x2 mats.

SoftTiles 1x1 foam interlocking tiles are perfect for creating small play mats, vibrant checkerboards, or making a larger play mat a little bigger. SoftTiles 1x1 Interlocking Foam Mats are compatible with our SoftTiles 2x2 interlocking foam mats and all the die-cut foam mats. We offer 16 rich hues of our interlocking foam floor tiles. Order interlocking foam flooring today from SoftTiles!

SoftTiles 1x1 are 1 sq. ft. per tile. Foam Mat Thickness: 5/8 inch (14mm).