SoftTiles 2x2 Flowers 6 Piece Set


We stock two 6 decorative flower play mat sets that you can use to easily build an attractive flower themed playroom. Each flower play mat square is 2 ft. x 2ft, so the 6 piece set covers 24 square feet.

Note: the white tiles will have a slightly different surface texture. Due to supply chain issues, we are using our specialty printable white tile and borders, so we can still produce this popular design.

This foam flooring for kids is compatible with both SoftTiles 2x2 5/8" and SoftTiles 1x1 5/8" Mats. Mix multiple sets, and add solids and borders to easily create your larger play area.

NOTE: Flowers are die-cut and can be removed from the mat. The pieces are very large and are not a choking hazard. This foam flooring for kids is not recommended for use on top of carpet (berber and office carpet are ok) because the flowers may pop out when stepped on.

NEW! Create custom Flower Sets!

We can now order SoftTiles Flowers in custom colors to match your playroom decor! Custom orders take 1-2 weeks. You can design your custom mat or Flower set via the Mat Builder. Please contact us if you have questions!