SoftTiles Oak Wood Grain 2x2 Foam Mats- NOT AVAILABLE


These are SoftTiles faux wood foam tiles with a wood grain pattern.  The wood grain pattern is a thin layer of plastic that is bonded to the surface of the SoftTiles foam mat.  Perfect for a wood look floor with the comfort of soft foam mats.

We have designed a custom sloped border that goes from the height of the wood grain foam play mat to the floor.  We are the only company that offers sloped borders for oak wood grain 2x2 foam mats.  The sloped border helps prevent tripping when walking on to the mat.  It also helps keep the illusion of wood since none of the white mat base shows.

Borders are 2 feet long (this is different from the 1 foot length of our regular SoftTiles foam mat borders)

Please note- that these wood grain foam mats have a printed surface that will show greater wear with time and is more susceptible to scratching than our solid color mats. Please keep this in mind when choosing the best flooring option for your needs. Any weight concentrated on small areas (from high heeled shoes, chair and table legs) will leave permanent markings in the wood grain foam mats.

NEW! SoftTiles Wood Grain "End Cap"- Use this piece if you're bordering around only one piece or the end of a single column of foam wood flooring mats.