SoftTiles Butterfly Children's Foam Play Mat, (6.5 x 6.5 ft.) with Borders Red, Yellow, Purple, Lime


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SoftTiles Butterfly Set with Borders Red, Yellow, Purple, Lime. This colorful butterfly play mat is perfect for creating a cushioned play area in playrooms and nurseries. There are no small pieces in this set- the butterflies are very large and are cut from 2 foot SoftTiles.


This play mat has sloped interlocking borders that beautifully finish off the mat and bevel the edge to prevent tripping. 

Nontoxic, Safe, Waterproof

SoftTiles are designed to be safe for babies and children. We're parents so we know how important it is to have safe product! SoftTiles are made from nontoxic EVA foam and is tested to EN-71 European Toy Safety Standards. They are free of formamide, formaldehyde, lead, BPA, latex, phthalates. They are not treated with fire retardants. SoftTiles are waterproof and can be cleaned with a spray mop or soapy cleaning solution. Because the Safari Animals shapes are die-cut, they perform best on hard surfaces like hardwood, tile, or concrete.