Reach for the Stars- Space Themed Play Mats- D206

Reach for the Stars- Space Themed Play Mats- D206

Reach for the Stars

Reach for the stars!

A space-themed playroom is a wonderful one to engage a child’s curiosity, and can be a lot of fun as a playroom for both boys and girls. This is one of our newer themes, and includes the following shapes: astronaut, rocket, telescope, Saturn. We also have a Moon & Stars, and Star design that mixes in nicely as well.

SoftTiles Space Theme Shapes- Astronaut, Telescope, Rocket, Moon, Saturn, Star

Simple monochromatic

A neutral black and light gray color palette is a floor mat that can work for boys or girls. This simple checkerboard pattern of space shapes and solid color mats gives you a nicely spaced out design with the child’s name as the center of your galaxy. Notice also how the mat brings a pleasant calmness to the room, that contrasts nicely with the bright toys.

Personalize in Color

Add a just pop of color by using the black and white for the overall mat design, but adding letters in a mix of colors! You can choose words like "Play Time" or your child's name.


This play mat is 6x10 (6.5 x 10.5 feet with borders)

Dream Mat for Kids

The space theme is a natural for little kids who often dream of space. So put together a mat using their favorite colors and one or two names, and it will be an “out of this world” special gift!

Play with colors!

This mat design is for a daycare center, so their approach was to use a mix of non traditionally boy colors to help define space as a universal theme for both boys and girls. Bring on the colors, because space exploration is all about pushing boundaries and having no limits, and is a field we encourage all little girls and boys to explore!

Request a design

Let us do the work! We know you're busy!

Our designers can create a design for you at no extra charge! Let us know the shapes, colors, size of the mat, and any names and we will create a design and email it to you. No obligation!


SoftTiles Space Theme Foam Play Mat for Kids
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