Shipping Container Crisis- SoftTiles New Supplier!

As you’ve probably heard, there’s a global shipping crisis that has been wreaking havoc on the global supply chain for the past year and still continues to affect industries far and wide. We have been hit very hard by this and it has forced us to find another supplier that could supply us with mats. This was NOT an easy decision for us, because we've been supplying mats from the same manufacturer for so long, and a change in that does not allow you to build onto a mat you've purchased from us previously. We were basically left with the prospect of not being able to continue to do business, or working with another supplier so we could, and we chose that second path so we had some way to continue to exist, rebuild, and serve our customers, old and new.

The good news is we now have mats and are able to create the personalized play mats that we're known for in a broad range of colors that are, for the most part, close to what we offered previously. However there are some important differences:

1. Our new mats are NOT COMPATIBLE with our old 2x2, 1x1, and borders. Unfortunately, we are not able to get mats that are exactly like the ones we previously carried. If you have an old mat and would like to add to it, contact us by chat- we have very limited inventory left of our old mats in a limited range of colors.

2. The new mats are slightly thinner- 1/2 inch vs 5/8 inch. The mats are slightly thinner but still provide good cushioning for playrooms and nurseries.

3. We no longer sell 1x1 mats or sloped borders. Each of the 2x2 mats come with 2 pieces of borders of the same color that are 2 ft long and finish off the mat, but DO NOT SLOPE. So, for mat designs with mixed colors, we are no longer able to create a solid border of a single color. You just get the border pieces that are included with the mats in your design, and you can arrange them any way that you want.

4. All customization/personalization will be done on the 2x2 tiles.

5. We are only able to create mats with even dimensions, since you need 1x1 mats to create a mat with odd dimensions and those are no longer an option. If you are trying to fit your mat into an odd dimension space, as always, you can easily trim your mat to fit.

6. Please note, photographs on our site still show mats with the old colors, 1x1 tiles, and former border design. It will take awhile for us to build a new library of images that show mats in the new colors. We chose not to pull all the images down, because our designs can still inspire you to what we can create using the mats we now have available.

We apologize to our customers that we have had to change our mats- it is something that we did not want to do but doing so has allowed us to stay in business doing what we love- creating beautiful play mats for children everywhere!