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8 foot x 8 foot Play Mats

Idea templates for 8x8 ft non-toxic play mats (8.5' x 8.5' with the sloped border). Purchase a mat as is or use them as a template for you to get started with customization. Personalize our children's floor mats with a phrase or your child's name using our Mat Builder.

D100- Purple Pink Lime 8x8


D111 Safari Animals Play Mat Blue Black White


D119 Blue,Lime, and White Circles


D120 Red Blue Safari Animals 8x8


D124- Super Mario Themed 8x8


D126 Tetris 8 x 8


D137 Orange Yellow Lime Red 8x8


D144 Pink and White Safari 8x8


D151 Safari OLBW


D159 Safari Animals Play Mat Lime White Orange Yellow


D163- Colorful Solid Playroom


D184- Nautical Light Pink White 8x8


M1- Blue Lime White Squares


M10 Light gray and white shapes Pink Black


M11- Light Blue, Light Gray, White Squares 8 x 8


M114- Red and Blue Dinosaurs with name 8x8


M117- Blue and White Safari/Sea Animals w/ name 8x8


M121- White and Gray Sea Animals w/ Colorful 1x1's 8x8


M123- Mixed Animals Gray and White 8x8


M125- Blue, Lime, and White Nautical 8x8


M126- Yellow, Pink, and Lime Safari 8x8


M13- Red Yellow Orange Lime Brown Safari 8 x 8


M130- Dinosaurs Lime, Gray, Blue, and Green w/ name 8x8


M134- Nautical/ Sea Animals Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Lime 8x8

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