SoftTiles Transportation Kids Foam Play MatsPlanes, Trains, and Automobiles! SoftTiles Die-Cut Transportation theme foam play mats are perfect for creating decorative kids playroom floors. These large shapes are Die-cut from our 2 foot x 2 foot SoftTiles 5/8" thick foam play mats.

In the transportation set, we have a car, a train, and an airplane. 

SoftTiles are cushioned foam mats that are ideal for use on hard surfaces like tile, concrete, and hardwood floors.

We currently have three premade sets, one colorful one and two with a softer color palette. You can easily create a custom play mat at no additional cost or incorporate this into a larger set for your playroom floor, please contact us.

SoftTiles Transportation kids play mats are not recommended for use on carpeted surfaces because the pieces may pop out when walked on.