Home Gym Flooring | Workout Room Flooring

Cushioned flooring for Home Gyms

SoftTiles Interlocking Foam Mats provide a cushioned surface for home gyms, yoga rooms, home workouts and more! Use SoftTiles directly on concrete or wood floors. Use SoftTiles to turn any room, garage, or basement into a home gym with a cushioned workout floor. SoftTiles Gym Floor Mats are quick to put down and easy to clean. SoftTiles are non-toxic and have been tested to be formamide free. NOTE: Heavy equipment and weight benches can leave a permanent indentation on your workout floor mats. Design your workout room flooring today!

Soft Flooring for Yoga

SoftTiles are soft and comfortable and help turn areas with hardwood floors into spaces ideal for yoga and stretching. Fill the whole room or create smaller workout mats. Your knees will appreciate you!

Simple Home Gym

Have a free corner in your room? Turn it into your workout area. SoftTiles will help protect your hardwood floors. Note: weights and benches will leave permanent indentations in the mat.

Living room workout area

Quickly set up a space in your living room for your workout. You can assemble a mat in a few minutes. Here's a simple kettlebell workout area. Perfect for your swings and Turkish get ups!

SoftTiles 5/8 Inch Thick 2x2

SoftTiles 2x2 Foam Mats are our general purpose mat. The 5/8" thickness is good for home gym flooring and light aerobic rooms. Perfect for yoga and other stretching exercises.


Looking for a cheaper mat? SoftTiles Outlet Mats are brand new mats with some surface blemishes. If you're exercising on them, after a few uses, you won't notice the difference. Still as soft and as durable as our normal mats. Perfect for fitness room flooring!