SoftTiles Safari Animals 9 Piece Play Mat Set in Black, Gray, and White

SoftTiles Safari Animals Play Mats

A SoftTiles Safari Animals set in Black, Gray, and White is the perfect play mat for creating a modern designer playroom, nursery, or kids room. The monochromatic look of this children's soft play mat provides a welcome contrast to all of your child's colorful toys. This is one play mat that you'll love showing off in your living room because it so eye-catching in its design.

SoftTiles are non-toxic, high quality foam mats that at 5/8", are thicker than most other mats on the market. So much so, that we’ve created specially made sloped border pieces that beautifully finish off the foam play mat with a beveled edge to prevent tripping.

 Soft- Cushioned foam mats make hard surfaces softer for babies and toddlers.
• Non-toxic Foam Mats- BPA, Phthalate, Latex free, Formamide free. No fire retardants. Tested to EN-71 Safety Standards.
• Versatile- Use on hardwood, concrete, tile, or low pile carpet.
• Waterproof- Easy to Clean. Spills aren't absorbed and can be wiped right off.
• High Quality- Durable 5/8" thick mats made in Taiwan.
• Easy to Install- Do it yourself- create large rooms or small area rugs.

SoftTiles Safari Animals Play Mat Set in Black, Gray, White

This Safari Animals play mat set features beautiful designer elephant, giraffe, and monkey die-cuts in black, gray, and white. This play mat covers a 6.5 ft. x 6.5 ft. play area, a perfect sized play mat for babies and toddlers. Each mat square is 2 ft. x 2 ft., so the animal designs are large in size. This play mat works best on harder surfaces. On soft carpet, pieces are more likely to move or pop up.

$120.00 with free shipping in the Continental U.S. In Stock.

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