Stylish Kettlebell Workout Flooring for Homes- D148

Meredith sent in a picture of her stylish living room kettlebell workout floor mats. SoftTiles can create a soft, comfortable space for all your workouts. SoftTiles work particularly well for kettlebell training because they're soft but firm and can help provide traction for your bare feet when swinging your kettlebells. SoftTiles are waterproof so sweat can easily be wiped away with this home workout mat. SoftTiles can help protect your hardwood floors from the kettlebells, though we do not recommend dropping your bells on them. Look at the other ways you can use these foam exercise mats for workout areas.

"Love your product! We got the mat to practice our Original Strength workouts and I'm moving my bells inside now too! There's a kitten hiding behind the bells- she likes the workout floor mat too! Thanks again for a great product at a fabulous price!"- Meredith 

Re-create this home gym floor

Covers an 4.5' x 7.5' area

10 SoftTiles 1x1 Red
18 SoftTiles 1x1 White
14 Side Borders Red
4 Pairs of Corner Borders Red

$72.30+ Shipping

If you need help customizing these workout mats for your home or workout space, please email us or call us at 888-477-6532 or 513-860-2711.

SoftTiles 5/8 Inch

Our most versatile and
popular mat. Available in 1 foot and 2 foot sizes.

SoftTiles 2x2 $6.40/Mat
SoftTiles 1x1 $1.60/Mat

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