Yoga Room Flooring

SoftTiles interlocking foam mats make the perfect yoga flooring and work well for stretching rooms.

  • Soft- Provides a firm, supportive, cushioned surface for yoga poses and stretching. Use directly on top of hardwood and concrete floors.
  • Sturdy- Mats hold tightly together with the interlocking edges.
  • Configurable- Can create whatever size and space you want.
  • Storable- Mats can easily be taken apart and compactly stored when not in use.
  • Portable- These yoga room flooring mats are lightweight, thus easy to take with you.
  • Easy to clean- We recommend using a wet Swiffer cloth to keep the soft foam mats clean and free of dust.

Generally, the 5/8” SoftTiles are appropriate for stretching or yoga flooring, as they are a bit softer than the 1 inch mats. If you will be using the soft foam mats in a manner where there is more active lateral movement (aerobics, etc), we recommend our SoftTiles 2x2 1 inch thick mats. For a more professional look, consider our wood grain foam mat, which are 2x2 ft. wide and have a faux wood grain pattern.

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