From Gray to Gorgeous! SoftTiles Childrens' Playroom Basement Makeover- D103

From Gray to Gorgeous! SoftTiles Childrens' Playroom Basement Makeover- D103


Photos by Greg Kessler

Talk about extreme makeovers! SoftTiles 2x2 Foam Mats helped turn a NYC co-op basement into this colorful children's playroom. SoftTiles Interlocking Foam Mats are perfect for use directly on top of concrete floors. SoftTiles will turn your basement playroom floor into a soft, safe, and comfortable play area for your kids. You can choose from our bright colors and die-cut shapes to create bright basement floor mats!

• SoftTiles mats can be easily put on top of whatever flooring surface currently exists.
(Concrete, flat carpet, linoleum, ceramic tile, etc.)

• SoftTiles’ dense foam material provides a padded soft insulating surface to cover cold concrete basement floors.

• SoftTiles’ many color options help brighten up an otherwise dark and colorless space.

• SoftTiles are made of a closed cell foam and do not absorb water. This makes it a better option than carpet in areas where you may have water seepage or flooding potential. Where a carpet can be difficult to remove and destroyed by water, SoftTiles can be easily pulled up, air-dried, cleaned, and put back in your basement.

•Use our sloped borders to give the children's playroom a finished look, or as a transitional border to areas of the floor not covered by the SoftTiles. You can also easily cut the mats yourself using a box-cutting knife, so you can go wall-to-wall with your SoftTiles flooring.

Our customers have used SoftTiles to create large fun children's playrooms, workout/ stretching rooms, home offices, craft rooms, pet sleeping areas, flooring for covered deck rooms, and more. Basically- any place that you want a soft, easy-to-install cushioned floor. These basement floor mats can also be in small areas where you stand a lot, whether it is a handyman’s workshop, kitchen, or laundry area. The uses in a home environment are limitless.

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