Nautical Theme Foam Play Mats | Nautical Playroom  and Nursery Designs- D202

Nautical Theme Foam Play Mats | Nautical Playroom and Nursery Designs- D202

Nautical Theme
Playroom & Nursery Designs

Nautical Theme
Playroom & Nursery Designs

A SoftTiles Nautical theme floor will put your room design over the top!

SoftTiles are great for building the theme of a playroom or nursery starting from its foundation and largest canvas, the floor. Here, we’ll explore a few options for creating a Nautical-themed nursery using SoftTiles.


The SoftTiles Nautical theme includes the 4 shape designs below- the Anchor, Whale, Boat, and Wheel.

SoftTIles Nautical Theme Shapes

With SoftTiles, you choose the mat color scheme from the 16 colors that we offer- so you get not only the theme, but created in a color palette that fits your space! We offer a range of colors ranging from brights to neutrals. All SoftTiles mats are built from interlocking 2x2 and 1x1 tiles, so you can create a small rug-like mat, or one that extends to cover the entire playroom floor.

A nautical nook

Here you’ll see how the simple dark blue and light blue checkerboard design are complemented by the other Nautical theme design pieces added to Brady’s room.

A girl's playroom

To create something softer for a girl, you can easily change the design to the light pink and white.

A neutral look

And then, we have the very popular light gray and white neutral color palette. SoftTiles can easily change the look and feel of the overall room, simply by choosing different colors.


The SoftTiles mat can also be personalized to make the space even more perfect for your little one.

Custom for boys & girls

And finally, you can create a design that works if you have BOTH a boy and a girl-- for example, just choose a little blue and a little pink, or opt for a rainbow of colors. For larger mats, you may want to incorporate other shapes to add some variety. SoftTiles has a wide range of die-cut shapes available, including the Sea Animals shown below, which is a popular choice for adding to the Nautical theme.

SoftTiles Personalized Play Mat for a girls playroom

Whatever design you create, with SoftTiles you get a beautiful floor that is also soft and safe when kids are learning to crawl, walk, or just play on. Tiles can be added so this mat can grow and expand as your child or family grows, making it a perfect, versatile addition to the home.

Request a design

Let us do the work! We know you're busy!

Our designers can create a design for you at no extra charge! Let us know the shapes, colors, size of the mat, and any names and we will create a design and email it to you. No obligation!


SoftTiles Nautical Theme Play Mat- Design Ideas for your Playroom or Nursery
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